All about the price tag

Drawing, illustrator, nostalgia

Now this might seem a bit of a boring post to some/most/all of you but I find something strangely nostalgic about a price sticker and over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen a few that threw me back to staring at the sweets in Grenfell’s, cds in Virgin mega store, and cartons of Happy shopper orange juice in Jehus! With this in mind i’m starting a run on nostalgia pics… that’ll be 39p please.A4


Pug life

Drawing, illustrator

A new year, a new project! Bring on the pooches.



Scaley Bird & Stormtrooper

Drawing, illustrator, Starwars

A slight departure from birds this time, have a look at my Green Mamba and stormtrooper.



Bird, Drawing, illustrator


More garden birds – blackbird and a robin.

Also available to buy in my shop.




More great tit

Drawing, illustrator

Great tit

I’m a little obsessed with drawing birds.  This time its a great tit (again). Its also available to buy in a number of guises in my shop.


Drawing, illustrator

Couldn’t draw the whole Delorean so here’s a tiny bit!

One for notepad addicts…


Now I know i mostly just throw up pictures on here (sporadically at that), but I was lucky enough to get in on BookBlock’s Kickstarter. I’m super excited about the project – who wouldn’t like a customised notebook?! Check out the project here.


Looking forward to filling this very special notebook with more doodles!

Interrupting duck

Drawing, joke


Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Interrupting duck.
Interrupting duc….